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City health plans

All new city employees, including DOE new hires, must take HIP HMO as their health plan for their first year of service. Although you are covered from your first day of work, you must enroll in a health plan within 30 days of your first day on payroll. To register for health insurance benefits, log into Employee Self-Service and enroll in health benefits on your start date. You can also ask your payroll secretary for a City of New York Health Benefits Application form.

Choose the health plan that’s best for you: If you want to switch your health plan, you can switch after one year of service or any other year during the annual open enrollment period. See comparison information. Details on each plan also are available in the “New York City Health Benefits Program Summary Plan Description Booklet,” available from your school payroll secretary or online.

Keep copies of all your completed forms at home. For more information, contact HR Connect at 718-935-4000 and also visit the DOE website. Remember to ask about tax consequences related to domestic partner coverage.

Although the UFT Welfare Fund has no direct responsibility for administering the health plans, its staff will answer questions and advocate for you if you have difficulties with a claim.