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Help rein in exorbitant hospital costs

The UFT is part of the Coalition for Affordable Hospitals, a group of unions and and health care advocates that has launched a petition calling on the heads of the five major hospital chains serving New York City to “come to the table with the city, state and self-insured health funds and agree to fair, transparent contracts with equitable and affordable prices.”

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As healthcare costs continue to rise, more and more working New York families are struggling to maintain their health care and make ends meet. Hospital costs in the New York metro area are among the highest in the country, and spending continues to grow more rapidly than the national average. Right now, hospitals set their own charges which vary widely from hospital to hospital. Numerous studies have found that higher hospital pricing does not directly correlate to a higher quality of care.

Please add your name to our petition to help ensure that hospitals remain affordable for working families in New York.